Tom Ayoob Jr. 

Tom Ayoob, Inc. was founded by H.K. Ayoob (Tom's father) in 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tom was known for his integrity and willingness to help others. He never hesitated to donate his time or money to the industry. He was known as the Watermelon King of Pittsburgh, and coined the phrase, "Eats like Sugar."

Ayoob was usually one of the top contributors at the Watermelon Association auctions. Tom served on the Executive Committee of the National Watermelon Association. A graduate of Duquesne University in 1955, Tom spent two years in the Army where he coached a softball team. He attended law school at Georgetown University for 1 and a half years until his father asked him to come and take over the family business. Shortly after doing so, he updated the company, improved technology and expanded the product line. He was also the President of the Pittsburgh Wholesale Produce Association. 

"No one ate more fruits and vegetables than Tom," said his wife Doris. "He was his best customer."

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