The Annual Membership Meeting of the NWA is scheduled to be held via conference call

on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 @ 11 AM (Eastern Standard Time).


The agenda will focus on the election of officers and executive committee members for 2021.

Stay tuned for future updates, including the conference call information.

Thank you!


H-2A Worker transfer flexibility extended

The Department of Homeland Security has extended transfer flexibility for H-2A workers through June 16th, 2021. Under these temporary rules, workers may begin work for a new employer who has a valid temporary labor certification pertaining to that work, that location, etc., once the transfer petition has been filed.



COVID-19 assistance package

Congress released a statement regarding the food, agriculture, and rural provisions in the latest COVID-19 assistance package, which strengthens the food supply chain, addresses the hunger crisis, supports farmers of color, and invests in rural hospitals.



Classifying Independent Contractors

Employers are increasing their use of independent contractors (ICs) to supplement their workforce.  With that growing trend comes a dilemma.  A recent study shows that between 10-15% of ICs are misclassified.  



EPA Administrator and the climate fight

U.S. President Joe Biden’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency told lawmakers he will consult with states and other stakeholders as the agency determines how to deliver on the administration’s plans to tackle climate change and clean up pollution hotspots.