Welcome Back to Music City – ‘22


Changing a host city and hotel is no small task, but we are working to make it happen quickly to meet your expectations.  The 107th National Watermelon Convention & Annual Meeting of the National Watermelon Association will be held in ‘downtown’ Nashville, Tennessee at the beautiful Sheraton Grand Hotel on Union Street. Four years ago the hotel completed a $35 million renovation, placing the 28-floor hotel in the most elite classification in the Sheraton brand, as one of only five Sheraton Grand's in the U.S.  

Take a look and see for yourself:  https://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/bnand-sheraton-grand-nashville-downtown/.  Today, we are sharing a pre-release of the agenda and registrations.  We will have all-to-do with the convention including hotel reservations links posted to our website within the next two weeks, so please bear with us.  We also opened the nominations for our Marketing Award and the Future WM Farm Leaders program.  

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DHS Publishes New Eligibility List for H-2A Visas

A handful of countries have been newly approved as eligible for certain temporary work visas, while one has been removed for no longer meeting program standards, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced.

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EPA, Corps to return to pre-2015 WOTUS interpretation

EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers are proposing to interpret “waters of the U.S.” in the Clean Water Act based on pre-2015 regulations, guidance and Supreme Court decisions, including former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s “significant nexus” test.

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More ag guest workers came to Midwest than ever before

The Midwest saw a record rise in the number of agricultural guest workers this year helping out on farms, in meatpacking plants and with landscaping companies.  That jump fits with a national trend. The Department of Labor says the U.S. let in a record number of H-2A visa workers this year.

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Temporary immigration protections for millions pass the House

House Democrats passed legislation that, while falling short of advocates’ calls for a path to citizenship, would establish sweeping protections for millions of immigrants for the first time in decades.  The measure now goes to the Senate, which is expected to consider it next month.

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