AEWR Updates: NWA Joins Industry Allies and Legislators in Challenging New Rule

AEWR Updates - the industry has been reeling from updates to the H2A Program's Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) through rate increases for 2023, and a change in wage calculation methodology through a final rule that the US Department of Labor posted on Feb. 28th.  That rule, along with increases in AEWR rates, are creating administrative hurdles and unreasonable costs that could be crippling for agriculture.
NWA is monitoring the situation alongside allied organizations, and the rule is meeting a number of challenges from industry groups and the legislature.  The National Council of Agricultural Employees (NCAE) is challenging the final rule from a legal standpoint, and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is among the congressional leaders in DC mounting a challenge via the Congressional Review Act (NWA is a member of NCAE). 

The International Fresh Produce Association has also mounted a grassroots advocacy campaign to spur action at the congressional level (NWA is a member of IFPA).  NWA has signed onto a letter supporting the House and Senate Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions to disapprove of the new AEWR regulation with a coalition of groups across agriculture via the Agricultural Workforce Coalition (AWC).  Some resources are linked below, but we will continue to monitor and remain active in this conversation.



Senators urging reconsideration of new fee proposal for work visas

A new proposed rule that would increase fees for non-immigrant work visas by an average of 225% has come under fire from a bipartisan group of congressional members

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EPA Announces Accelerated Action on Four Organophosphate Pesticides Based on Updated Exposure Assessments

The EPA recently announced intentions to expedite protections on four organophosphate pesticides: diazinon, ethoprop, tribufos and phosmet.  If these chemistries are essential to your work, reply to [email protected] and we'll continue to monitor the situation.

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Leger & Son proud to have Future Watermelon Farm Leader

For the past six years, the National Watermelon Association has recognized promising members of the next generation in the watermelon industry at its annual convention through its Future Watermelon Farm Leaders award program. This year, Bailey Leger of Leger & Son was among the recipients named to Class VII of the program.

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Western growers seek new ways to safeguard crops, secure stable water supply

In recent weeks, the collective sigh of relief from growers in California has been palpable. While the West continues to experience unprecedented extreme weather events and patterns, above-normal rainfall in recent months provided cause to celebrate.

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