Setting the Benchmark for Quality

U.S. Grade Standards for fruits like watermelon are voluntary but provide a uniform language for describing quality and condition in the marketplace. Grocery stores, military institutions, restaurants, and foreign governments use these standards to streamline business transactions.

The USDA ensures that products meet high standards through rigorous reviews by skilled graders and auditors who follow official grade and process standards.

These grade standards are essential for resolving product quality disputes by:

  • Providing a foundation for domestic and international trade
  • Promoting efficiency in marketing and procurement
  • Determining quality and value for sales quotes, damage claims, loan values, futures trading, military, and other government purchases
  • Serving as a common language for trading when buyers cannot readily display or examine the commodity
  • Guiding processors in purchasing suitable quality, utilizing raw products effectively, and packing for diverse markets
  • Stating quality levels on labels for official USDA marks

USDA Watermelon Grades & Standards

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