National Watermelon Promotion Board 

The NWPB is a commodity promotion organization that operates under the oversight of the United States Department of Agriculture. At the urging of the industry, Congress passed the Watermelon Research and Promotion Act in 1985, which provided the legal framework for the NWPB. In compliance with the Act, the Board operates in the most fiscally responsible manner and disseminates fact-based information. 

The NWPB is funded by shareholders (producers, processors, handlers, importers, etc.), with aboard of 36 elected directors also appointed by the US Secretary of Agriculture. They represent all watermelon production areas in the US and oversee the strategic direction, allocation of resources, and operations of the NWPB. Although the NWPB is under the supervision of the US Department of Agriculture, it is solely supported by the industry and receives NO taxpayer or government funds.

The NWPB works to increase consumer demand for watermelon through promotions, marketing, research, communication and educational programs. It is considered the marketing and communications arm of the watermelon industry.

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