John Gee, Chairman
Hamilton Dicks, President
Bob Gibson, Vice-President
George Szczepanski , Executive Director

The NWA governing body, known as the Executive Committee, is made up of the Officers, Executive Committee, Executive Council, Lifetime Council and Chapter Presidents.

Executive Committee

Brian Arrigo
Josh Bailey

Keith Brooks
Jordan Carter
John Frey
Will Hinson
Mike Horrall
Brad Johnston
Marian Lapide

Greg Long
Brady Mouzin
Christian Murillo
Paul Nuzzo
Brad O'Neal
Ron Perry
Heather Raulerson
Bob Rawlins
TJ Runyan

Jack Schmidt
Rachel Syngo
Kelly Tyner
Dan Van Groningen
Ray Vincent
Jesse Wiggins
Lee Wroten
Dave Yeager
Peter Zaferis

 Executive Council

Jim Ayoob
Nowell Borders
Mark Browning
Mark Collins
John Corsaro
Brent Jackson

Wayde Kirschenman
John Lapide
Chandler Mack
Dennis Mouzin
Ramon Murillo
Steve Nichols

Bradley O'Neal
Arthur Saikhon
Jim Schmidt
Dan Thomas
Richard Wojciak
Al Wroten


Lifetime Council

Anita Field
Kenny Frey
Ray Gilliland
Donald Hales
Carr Hussey
Raymon Land

Buddy Leger
Greg Leger
Craig Mathis
Art Perry
Bruce Price

Harman Sanchez
Buster Savioli

Tommy Smith
Phil Turner
Jim Zaferis (UM)


State Chapter Presidents

Trey Miller - Florida
Cody Smith - Illiana
Jay Delk - South Carolina
Brad Jones - Georgia
Haley Keenan - Mar-Del
Luke Brown - Texas
Trey Smith - Gulf Coast
Frank Howell - North Carolina
Tashi Zouras - Western

Open Committees

Auction Load Committee - The purpose of the auction committee is to define donated watermelon loads and watermelon-related items for the annual NWA auction, and support NWA staff throughout the season when needed to resolve any issues.

Food Safety Committee - The purpose of the food safety committee is to provide oversight, input and support to NWA for industry needs related to food safety concerns, initiatives and programs.

Public Affairs Committee - The purpose of the Public Affairs Committee is to be aware of issues that may affect the association and industry by our federal government, to support the lobbying efforts of the NWA, and to promote interaction between NWA members and their Congressional Representatives and Senators. 

Research Committee - The purpose of the research & development committee is to define the research priorities of the NWA, and which projects (grants) will be issued as a result. 

Promotions (Queen) Committee - The purpose of the queen committee are to develop recommendations that are supportive of the national queen program and annual competition, select the judges for the national competition, and help to define promotions for the National Queen program. 

Closed Committees

Budget Committee - The purpose of the budget committee is to provide oversight of the financials and financial reporting of the NWA, and working with NWA staff to develop and recommend an annual budget to the Executive Committee at every fall board meeting. 

Nominating Committee - The purpose of the nominations committee is to recommend members of the Executive Committee and Officers to the membership. 

Liaison Committee - The NWA/NWPB Liaison Committee is responsible to facilitate communication and partnerships (where applicable) between both of the organizations. 

Grade Standards Committee - The purpose of the grade standards committee is to review and update the watermelon grade standards.