Percy Bunch 

Percy Bunch began growing watermelons as a hobby farmer in the late 1950's. Little did he know at the time, that his watermelon growing career would span over 50 years! His watermelon wholesale business, Murfreesboro Farms Inc., officially opened seasonally in 1973 on Union Market in Washington, D.C. 

Percy and his wife Frances moved the business back to their hometown of Murfreesboro, North Carolina in 1984. Percy was president and general manager of the company until he retired in 2009. His son, Michael Bunch, then took over the operation and continues to do so today. 
Throughout his career in the watermelon industry, Percy and the Bunch family have been active members of The National Watermelon Association, Percy served as president, started and led the North Carolina Watermelon Association and presided over the National Watermelon Promotion Board.

Percy and Frances Bunch never missed a convention throughout their watermelon years and were actively involved in the North Carolina Queen Program. Francis worked alongside her husband and served as the secretary of the North Carolina Watermelon Association for 20 years. Percy and Frances Bunch started the North Carolina Watermelon Festival more than 30 years ago and it has become an annual tradition in Murfreesboro every August drawing crowds of 10,000 visitors.