Matt Dietz

Matt Dietz began his career with his brother Bob, in the produce business  working for his father’s firm Chicago-based R.H. Dietz & Co.

That beginning   led to a career of inventions and ingenuity. In 1960, Matt revolutionized the   winter melon deal.

Working with Tony Hudler on International Paper, they invented the first  watermelon carton that held 3-5 watermelons.
Recognizing the carton’s benefits, the design was adopted and soon became an   industry standard.

In 1963, Matt helped to develop the first automatic bulk watermelon loading and grading machine, once again creating an advancement that revolutionized the industry.
In the mid-60s, Matt founded his own produce company, Matt Dietz Co., in Laredo, Texas.

The company grew and shipped watermelons, onions, honeydews and cantaloupes. Matt served as an officer and Executive Committee member of the National Watermelon Association, as well as with the Texas Chapter.

He passed away on July 27, 2008 at 83 years of age. His contributions to the association, and to the industry are felt still today.