How will H2-A Workers Relate to Biden Travel Rule?


Numerous questions related to H2-A workers and how they will be treated in relation to President Biden’s Travel Announcement (SEPT 20th) are being asked.  Specially, the questions are: What are the potential impacts to the H2-A program as it relates to bringing over new workers and current workers needing to travel for vacation or emergency?  Will H-2A workers be exempt from Biden's travel restrictions that would require proof of vaccination from international travelers beginning in early November?  

If not, could non-vaccinated workers be admitted with a negative test as long as they are vaccinated within an allotted time period like 14 days?  If H2-A workers won't be exempt from the requirement and will need a NIE waiver, do you think employers will be able to make a blanket waiver request as opposed to individual waiver requests? The answer to these questions is …….. we are waiting to learn how the government will handle H2-A workers.  Until then, we won’t know anything for sure.  It is anticipated that news will not come forth until the beginning of November.  Stay posted to news once it breaks.