A New Year Message to Membership
I was reminded recently of the beauty within the human spirit.  It had nothing to do with the coronavirus, the election, social discourse or any other issues that have dominated the news in recent times.  A cold front came across central Florida, spawning at least 2 tornadoes that stretched over 50 miles inland.  Although there was some significant property damage, no deaths were reported.  At the same time the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast was slammed with over 2 feet of snow.  Those two weather systems reminded me of the resiliency and kind-hearted nature of people to lend a hand when others are in need.  News stations showed neighbor helping neighbor; businesses reaching out to residents; young people helping the elderly; and so much more.  Human kindness is some kind of a miracle, and it touches our hearts to hear about it, to see it, and even to do it.  I wish we saw more of that in the news, and far less of the other.    
That brings us to 2021 and the outlook of the new year – a new year that will assuredly be filled with challenges, changes, and distractions.  Your National Watermelon Association is ready and postured to address the issues as they come to the surface in the new year.  That is what we do, for you. 
While we are ready for it, however, the absence of our national convention will cause a financial reduction within the association.  Rest assured, we have taken the necessary steps to adjust the business while we keep our key programs intact to remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver on our promises to you.  It will be a much different year, for sure, and we will address it head-on with a positive outlook.  That is our promise of membership in the NWA, and my promise to each one of you.  
If you feel compelled and would like to help us, you can support your association by becoming an annual sponsor.  Any contribution is both appreciated and helpful.  We will be most grateful for your support, and in turn you will help us to deliver the value of membership in the NWA that you expect and deserve. 
If you have growers in your network that can benefit from membership in the NWA, have them sign up here in the membership level that has been tailor-made just for them.  No matter what size a farm operation may be, every grower will benefit by joining the NWA.  Please extend the invitation to them for us, if you will. 
We are grateful, truly grateful, for the past support from our sponsors, load donors and military support contributors.  All of you are wonderful examples of the leadership that the NWA exemplifies.  Thank you for your commitment to funding the association that is focused on our mission …… “Shaping the watermelon industry for future generations”.  Together we are strong; Together we will do much.  With the Good Lord’s help, we will be loved and succeed.  Stay safe, and keep smiling!  
Bob Morrissey
Your Executive Director