Networking with other Members

One of the many benefits of your membership with the National Watermelon Association is the ability to connect and network with other members.  If you are not a natural extrovert or you do not have an outgoing personality - networking can lead one to feel anxious and sometimes cause unneeded stress.  But whether we realize it or not, we are all networking/ connecting with others every day.  It can happen while you are ordering your favorite coffee, participating in sports, attending conferences, buying your groceries, etc.  Just in our simple conversations with others, we can be networking.  But it does not have to happen just in person, it can happen while you are online – via different social apps, and websites that you visit daily/weekly.  Businesses are built around relationships, and relationships can start from networking.

Our member directory allows you the ability to network with others that have a vested interest in watermelons.  Whether you are a grower, a shipper, or a supplier for watermelons, connecting with others in the industry can be vital for your company.  Our directory allows you the ability to look for mentor-ship, assistance, or simply support from someone else.  The next time you are on our website whether it is utilizing the directory, or simply reading an article; please take some time to verify your profile and information.  If there are any issues, please let us know.  We will get them corrected as quickly as possible.  This helps to maintain a more accurate database for you.  We have been updating a few things to help with your searches/ connections of others. One of those updates has been your company logos.   If you notice that yours is not there or it is an out of date logo and you would like to update/ change/ add it;  please send your logo to [email protected].  Mark the subject email as “logo update for website”.  You can include any corrections that need to be changed as well.  As always, if you have experienced any issues or have concerns regarding your membership, logging into your account, etc.  please let us know. 
Not yet a member?  You are missing out on networking opportunities!  Go to the Membership tab at the top of our website, click on Membership Application, join today and start networking!

Together we will shape the watermelon industry for future generations!