Art Perry 

Born into the agriculture industry and living in Manteca, California his entire   life, Art Perry acquired a passion for the industry at a very young age.   

Involvement with the Future Farmers of America to majoring in dairy science   at Cal Poly, his original idea of becoming an agricultural teacher was short- lived, as the passion for farming and love of his family kept bringing him   back to the family farm.

Working alongside his father and family members, they sold the dairy   operation and began farming that grew into a sizable farming & produce   company called George Perry and Sons.

The family operation grew a number of crops, with watermelons and pumpkins being what they are known for. 
At the same time, Art was instrumental in the development of higher quality and sizing standards in the watermelon and pumpkin industries.

Art Perry was one of the founders of the old California-Arizona Watermelon Chapter, known then as CAWA. Years later when he was called on, he was instrumental in reorganizing CAWA into the Western Watermelon Association. He is a strong believer in the NWA and the NWPB. At one time a NWA officer, he had to make the difficult decision to step down as an officer to help his wife and family care for his youngest son when he fell ill.

What he did then is to show us all how important family is, and where priorities should be. That was an important lesson to teach, without ever becoming that teacher (officially).
For over 40 years, Art has served his church devotedly as a lector, and for many of this years has led our convention in prayer at our convention banquet.

A humble, honest and extremely hardworking gentlemen, Art always gives Jesus Christ, the center of his life and being, credit for the success he has experienced both personally and professionally. Working side by side with his family, he believes that the success of his family's company is due to his family living by the company mission statement: George Perry and Sons is built on a foundation of believing in and having faith in Jesus Christ, working together as a family, and being fair and honest in all of their dealings.

An honorable man, a respected man, a family man and a man of God. That describes Art Perry to a 't'. That is the essence of this man.