Arnold Mack

A native of McCullough, Alabama, with family roots back to Ireland, Arnold  Mack began a life-long career in the produce business by partnering with a  friend to grow watermelons in south Alabama.

He began this career following   a short stint in the family’s funeral parlor business.

As Arnold told it, “ We couldn’t put ‘em in the ground fast enough to  grow   the  business, so I decided on a different approach. Getting ’em out of the   ground.”

In 1972, he began brokering watermelons and vegetables, followed by purchasing a farm east of Lake Wales, Florida that today exceeds 4,000 acres and grows watermelons, potatoes, cabbage and corn. Arnold served as an officer and on the executive committee of the National Watermelon Association, and multiple state chapters, for many years. Most notably, he served as the Chairman of the Auction Committee, with results that were admired by other commodity groups.

Arnold was called home on April 20, 2016 at 72 years of age. His Legacy has become legend throughout the National Watermelon Association, and it will live on with us for many years.