Ralph Meitin 

Ralph Meitin was the President of the Zellwood Fruit Distributors in Zellwood, Florida, established in December 1943. Ralph served on the Executive Council of the Executive Counsil in 1969. He eventually became a Lifetime Council member of the National Watermelon Association after being actively engaged for over 30 years.

Mr. Meitin helped found the Tangerine Bowl, an annual college football tradition in Orlando, which supported the Elk's Harry-Anna Crippled Children's Hospital in Umatilla. 

Meitin's Children said they were inspired by their father's involvement in philanthropy. "Because of the example he set, we followed in a direction that made him proud. You follow by example, and you couldn't want for a better example," Judy Cope said. 
With Meitin's long history of involvement in the community, he knew many people around town and was well respected. 

"He was a great guy - he was a lawyer - he was big into box cars." - Buddy Leger