R.H. Pennington

R.H. Pennington was one of the most devoted members of the National Melon Distributors Association. He was secretary and treasurer from the start of the association in 1915 until his death in 1935.

Pennington, a well-known distributor from Evansville Indiana, owned and operated the Pennington-Geissler Company.  He was well known all around the country for being a good and decent man. He had many friends throughout the produce industry.

News Clippings & Photos

                 News Clippings                                                                      Advertisements 

                 1915 - Pennington & Co. Fail                                                  Advertisement 

                 1936 - R.H. Pennington Reportedly Critically Ill     

                 1936 - R.H. Pennington Shows improvement       

                 1936 - R.H. Pennington Suffers Setback       

                 1936 - R.H. Pennington of Evansville is Dead