O.K. Jelks


O.K. Jelks was one of the original members of the executive committee.  He owned and operated his own company called O.K. Jelks and Son.  In 1917 he was elected vice president of the association. 

“O.K. Jelks, prominent grower and broker here (Quitman, Georgia), will ship over 400 cars of melons this year. Mr. Jelks is well known to the trade, and parties who do business with him will find their car of melons like his name, O. K.” – Chicago Packer June 10, 1911.

News Clippings & Photos

                 News Clippings                                                                        Advertisements 

                1911 - O.K. Jelks Prominent Grower                                       Watermelon Ad 

                1912 - O.K. Jelks States Crops Not Flattening

                1914 - O.K. Jelks Added Son Into Partnership   

                1914 - Jelks Will Ship 400 Cars