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Are you Ready to Make a Difference?

April 03, 2019 2:10 PM | Anonymous

Are you Ready to Make a Difference?

The National Watermelon Association is the Strength, Heart, and Soul of the Watermelon Industry. Through the voluntary effort of networking together, growers, shippers, and associates continue to keep Watermelon at the forefront of the produce industry, insuring the infrastructure we need and provide from Farm to Consumer.

Greg Leger, Leger and Son

In our 105-year history and in today’s political environment, this year (2019), while off to a running start on many fronts, clearly indicates that we need to rely on the National Watermelon Association more than we ever have before.  The NWA constantly monitors (and engages in) the many issues that are debated (and at times translated into rules, regulations and laws) in Washington that can and normally do affect our businesses and lives ……….. issues including (yet not limited to) food safety changes to audits and the FSMA law, transportation changes to drivers’ hours-of-service, government relations as a whole and a need, the on-going healthcare debate, estate taxes, immigration reform (and accompanied subsets drawn into the debate), labor issues, trade agreements, and more.  Being aware of the topics of today and staying ahead of the issues of tomorrow is vital to keep our members informed.  With a singular focus on one crop – watermelon – we continue to push the envelope on your behalf, every day.      


What does the National Watermelon Association do for its members?  This is something I live by in my business.  The difference is in ‘We’ and ‘I’.  ‘I’ is one, and ‘We’ are many with the NWA.  So, we promote and work on all issues that the watermelon business faces together while we improve the watermelon business as-a-whole.

Nowell Borders, Borders Melons

The NWA exists with a singular focus: to make a positive difference in the businesses and livelihoods of our members and their companies.  Our members are hard-working farmers, shippers and suppliers that feed our hemisphere with the fruit of the Earth.  Helping our members to pass multi-generational farms and businesses on to their children and grandchildren can be jeopardized by many threats.  The NWA stands to face those threats and help our members to remain competitive and profitable in our unpredictable world.  We do all of this with a leadership posture in the produce industry, while asking our members to engage with us.  Together we can accomplish so much more.  Together!       


As a supplier-member of the National Watermelon Association, we are proud to support and be    involved with the association. The NWA provides outstanding leadership in the produce category and great opportunities for supplier-members to interface with the membership of the association, many of which are our customers. Whether it is product safety issues, promotional opportunities or other industry trends, the NWA provides real time information for the betterment of the industry. Thanks NWA.

Jim Mastropietro, International Paper


That is a most appropriate question to ask, and one that we strive to answer each-and-every-day.  In addition to our four cornerstone programs – federal public policy, food safety, communications and promotions – members have direct access to our numerous communications programs (our valued website www.watermelon.ag, quarterly magazine, monthly update, weekly e-newsletter and social media platforms), our national watermelon convention (that serves as an annual gathering to kick-off a new domestic season filled with education and new prospects), opportunities to become leaders and eligibility for award and recognition programs, and more.  In short, members have the opportunity to engage while they benefit from the NWA’s on-going efforts across a spectrum of initiatives that are all designed to make a positive difference in their businesses and livelihoods.    

Member Benefits


The NWA has re-released our membership levels (with a few ‘new’ opportunities that will appeal to a broader section of our watermelon industry), and a clearer definition of each level.  The document that is attached outlines the twelve (12) membership levels that are available to any company and person that has an interest in joining our family and being part of the National Watermelon Association.  With twelve levels to choose from, you can select the level that best fits your business (or yourself) and become a NWA member today.        

          GROWERS (Indirect Sales)

This level is designated exclusively for growers that do ‘NOT’ sell the majority of their crop.  They rely on a broker, shipper, sales agent or Coop to sell for them.           

          GROWERS (Direct Sales)

With the same three levels as the Broker community, these growers sell the majority of their crop directly (without a third-party’s help).

There are (3) levels to choose from based on company’s watermelon sales. 


These shippers, which make up the majority of our industry’s sales efforts, represent growers and sell their crop (as well as their own) to buyers.

There are (3) levels to choose from based on company’s watermelon sales. 


Suppliers provide products and services to growers & shippers of watermelons – (i.e.seed, plants, greenhouses, chemical & fertilizer applications, packaging, transportation, farm & packing equipment, bees, mulch, consulting & technical services, and more). 

There are (4) levels to choose from based on your company’s watermelon-related sales.


This level is designed for the individuals from Industry Associations - Commissions - Boards, Researchers, Retail Operators, Wholesale Distributors, Government Officials, Universities, Past Queens & Coordinators, Harvesters and other individuals (that do not sell watermelons, goods or services to the watermelon industry) that are interested in becoming members of the NWA.

Member Levels


Your membership in the NWA is a partnership-of-sorts, meaning that while you rely on us, we also rely on you.  As NWA members, we ask you to actively support our work and get involved (as you see fit) .  There is strength in numbers, and we will count on you to help us as much as you can.   

Please take a few minutes to select the membership level that best fits your business and join us as we continue to work diligently to make a positive difference for our members every day.  We can be stronger and more successful together.  The truth be told ……. we need each other.  Let’s join hands and make that positive difference time and time again.  Thank you very much.         

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