James Leonard 

James Leonard was a pivotal ember in the produce industry and to the National Melon Distributors Association. Leonard was a member of the executive committee from 1915 to 1918; he then was president of the association from 1919 to 1925/ He continued serving on the executive committee from 1926 until his death in 1935, and for many of those years being executive committee chairman. At the time Leonard was a nationally known man in the produce industry. He was one of the founders of one of the largest watermelon distributing firms, Leonard, Crosset, & Riley. James Leonard was the president of his firm until the year 1935.

"He has done more for the watermelon industry and this association that all of the rest of us put together." President L.E. Holloway April 20, 1934


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1916 - LCR article 1924 Portrait 1913 - LCR Ad
1921 - James Arrives Early in Ocala for Crop 1925 Portrait 1916 -  LCR Ad
1933 - James passes away, Obituary Portrait of Young James Leonard  
1933 - James to Attend Melon Convention