J.D. "Johnny" Lowe Jr.

Johnny Lowe owned and operated the J.D. Lowe Jr. Co., Inc. of Henderson, Texas, a wholesale distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables. He trade-marked the HIGH-LOWE brand of watermelon. Mr. Lowe helped found the Texas Watermelon Growers and Shippers Association (known today as the Texas Watermelon Association,) and served as its president.

He also served as President of the National Watermelon Association from 1970-71 and as Chairman of the Executive Committee in 1971. He was recognized at the 1971 convention for outstanding contributions and devotion to the National Watermelon Growers and Distributors Association.

"Very well respected in the industry, he started trucking his own watermelons in old tin wheel trucks to the Dallas and Kansas City Markets. He sold quality watermelons to establish a great brand." - Jimmy Henderson