Proof of Employment helps H2-A workers

With the recent and on-going developments resulting from the coronoavirus pandemic, the Mexican Consulate has only been allowing ‘returning workers’ into the country with approved worker visas.   However, with numerous law enforcement agencies watching border locations and states closer than normal due to the virus and the implications that have been the results, some workers have been approached or apprehended.  The way to minimize or eliminate that from occurring is to provide each worker with Proof of Employment.There have been a few reported cases of approved workers being stopped and questioned by U.S. authorities.  It is highly recommended that each worker (including green card holders) be provided PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT as farmworkers from the labor contractor or the employer.  Click below to access the recommended versions in English and Spanish languages. 

Also, a similar situation may be reasonably expected from truck drivers crossing the border.  Click below to access the recommended version in English and Spanish languages.


So Many Thanks to Offer

Words cannot express how grateful and blessed that we are from all of the support that was offered during the most recent national convention hosted by Disney at the Yacht & Beach Clubs Resort in Central Florida.  From start to finish the convention exceeded our expectations, with visits from the main Disney Cast (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Cinderella), our military honorees (Major Ed Pulido, Kris Morgan & his service dog Andi, and Russell Previck), Jeremy James – our master of ceremonies, and the performance by repercussion was a show-stopper!  

Each and every year, our show - our success is due to the generosity of our sponsors that allow us to hold a convention such as we do.  Please …. When you come across them during the season, please extend a hand and thank them for their support.  They give us the ability to keep your registration fees at a produce industry low while we create a show (it’s not just a convention anymore) that attracts the largest attendance numbers that we have ever seen.  In fact, the convention at Disney World set an all-time attendance record of 611!    

Thanks to our exhibitors who enjoyed one of the best positions that we have ever had for the exhibit center.  Congratulations to all of the award winners and honorees.  And many thanks to the contributors to our philanthropy efforts with the Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, Florida) and the $100,000 military donation to the Warriors for Freedom and Folds of Honor Foundations.   

Certainly important to this effort, many thanks to our team of staff and volunteers for your excellent work.  It takes a small village to pull off all that we do to create a show that brings hundreds of people together each year.  Monica, Kelli, Tami, Eleanor, Kerri, Katie, Lori, Michelle, Linda, Rob, Rusty, Pam, our President (John Gee), our auctioneers (Ray & Jonah), Barbara, committee Chairs (John Lapide, Hami and Jordan), and more that I know chipped in – helped out – and deserve our thanks.  And finally, thank all of you that make the trip to attend our annual family reunion and make it as great as it was.  Enjoy the pictures HERE.  See you next February at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.    


A Message From Our Executive Director

During this pandemic crisis we have all been affected in more ways than even a Hollywood producer might imagine, and the timing is not the best.  The harvest in the deep south is beginning; there are thousands of H2-A workers in line to get visas and cross the border, and there is a great deal of work yet to be done for the new season (harvest).  But this time, while trying to many of us, will be an experience that we will learn from, overcome, and get the job done.  

A fundamental mission of associations is to support its members, and be the calm & sound voice of the industry in good times (and in bad).  It is the bad times when the need is usually greatest.  This industry has been through bad times before, and we’ve seen it come out on the other side – sometimes the better.  We are being tested, albeit with an enemy (COVID-19) that is setting a minefield of challenges that we have never experienced before.

Please be assured …… the National Watermelon Association is on the job working diligently on the issues while staying on top of the business and focused on the higher priorities.  Maybe we should feel sorry for those that have chosen to not join the NWA – for they do not have the support that you do.  That is your advantage.  And finally, it is our honor to serve you and be of service each and every day.  I truly believe that we will get through this period and anxiously look forward to watching as we begin to see the creation of whatever the new NORM may become.   Be safe, and be blessed.

Bob Morrissey, Executive Director


 NEW Public Charge Rule about to take effect 

The Trump administration's "public charge" rule,which allows the government to deny green cards or visas to legal immigrants who are deemed likely to use public assistance programs like food stamps, will go into force at the end of next month following this week's Supreme Court decision on the issue.  The public charge regulations will be enforced in every state but Illinois, where a federal appeals court has upheld a state-wide injunction.

Under the controversial policy, the government's ability to refuse green cards or visas for legal immigrants determined to be a "public charge," or dependent on public assistance, would be expanded. Those using or likely to use Medicaid, food stamps and other safety net programs would face greater scrutiny from immigration officials. The policy was finalized in August and originally slated to take effect in October.


Have You Registered for Convention Yet?

Registrations for the 2020 National Watermelon Association convention are open! Members who register by February 1st, 2020 will receive a discounted rate of $395! Non-members who also register by February 1 will received the discounted rate of $595. After February 1st registrations will go up to $495 for members and $695 for non members. 

To Register for convention please visit our convention website

Convention Website Has Everything you Need!

Looking For information on the 2020 National Watermelon Association Convention? Look no further than the website! It has all the information you need about sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, registration, room reservations and more! 
Visit the site here 

2020 Sponsorships are OPEN!

How involved is your company with the National Watermelon Association?  Are you getting enough recognition?  Would you like to set your business above others?  We can help you while you help us.  Here’s how:
The NWA’s sponsorship program is uncommon from most other produce industry groups.  Typically, a sponsorship is recognized for only one moment in time, whether it be for a specific event or timeframe.  We don’t do that here.  The NWA recognizes a sponsorship for the entire year in multiple venues and communications.  We consider a sponsorship to be a gift that lasts the entire year. 
Here is another key point to sponsorships of the NWA.  They help us to maintain and offer the lowest registration fees in the entire produce industry, while providing six (6) full meals, hospitality, education, high-profile speakers, fun entertainment, and a family atmosphere that no one can duplicate.  Sponsors are the primary reason why we can do what we do at convention for all of our attendees, and for a nominal price.    
If you are not a sponsor, we ask you to please consider becoming a supporter.  Every sponsor is appreciated and valued, no matter what level you choose and best suits your company.  Thank you for your consideration.  We hope that you will help.

Exhibit Spaces are Still Available! 

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