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“Everything that the NWA does is very important.  When it comes to issues like labor is when the NWA becomes a rock-star. It’s very important to stay ahead of these problems,  and why the NWA is an extremely important part of our watermelon business model.” 
-Dennis MouzinMouzin Brothers Farms – Vincennes, Indiana

As we continue to be your advocate daily with Washington, and send you the most up to date information as possible, we want to take a moment to just say thank you to you – our members - for putting your trust in us as your Association. We are continuing to work from our homes and continuing the day to day business activities as best as we can.  If you have a need or see a need that we can assist you or someone else with, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.  We are here to serve you, our member, to the best of our abilities.  If you are not receiving regular updates from us – at least weekly in your email inbox – please reach out to Tami in our membership department at [email protected].  We want to make sure that you - our members - are getting up to date information as quickly as possible.  Not yet a member?  You are missing a lot!  Log on to to join today! 

Together we will shape the watermelon industry for future generations! 


Working together is vital 

As things continue to change daily, sometimes hourly, we are working diligently to keep our members up to date.  As your advocate in Washington, you will notice an ever-increased communication via emails, updates on our website, and social media posts.  Keeping our members informed is what we do, every day, as we seek solutions to the issues that present themselves.  

If you are not receiving regular updates from us – at least weekly in your email inbox – please reach out to Tami in our membership department at [email protected].  We want to make sure that all our members are getting the information as quickly as possible.  Not yet a member?  You are missing a lot.  Log on to to join today! 


Together we can accomplish more

As we all continue to navigate through these interesting times, we continue to work diligently for you, our members.  We are striving to bring you the most up to date information that we can.  Some of the items our team is working on - continuing to be your advocate in Washington with worker visas & border crossings in the H-2A program, the stimulus bill and farm support due to COVID-19, the Small Business Administration, promoting watermelons through our social media platforms, and through our National Watermelon Queen’s How-To Video series on social media. 

“The NWA is the Strength, Heart, and Soul of the Watermelon Industry.  Through the voluntary effort of networking together, growers, shippers, and associates continue to keep Watermelon at the forefront of the produce industry insuring an on-going infrastructure from Farm to Consumer.”

Greg Leger – Leger & Son

Our website is updated weekly, sometimes even daily with new information.  And please check your email inbox for weekly updates as well.  If you are having issues accessing your account, please reach out to Tami at:  [email protected]  Not yet a member?  Make today the day that you join our family!  Log onto to join us!

Together we will shape the watermelon industry for future generations!


NWA Expands Social Media Presence to Promote Watermelon Sales

To help kickstart spring sales of watermelon during these strange times, the NWA has begun an aggressive social media project that shares multiple messages about the low price of watermelon and the benefits of them with our friends in various platforms.  Additionally, our National Watermelon Queen (Paige Huntington) will star in some made-at-home How-To videos starring Watermelon.  Stay posted for the fun to begin, and share our posts with all of your friends.  Below is an example of some of the work we have been doing to promote watermelon!



NWA, Produce Industry and Congress Ask USDA for Support

Letters with similar tones were sent to Secretary Sonny Perdue at USDA (relative to the harmful impacts of COVID-19 on the produce industry) by the National Watermelon Association, the Produce Industry and over 100 Members of Congress.  With available emergency funding totaling over $34.5 Billion available for numerous programs, USDA will determine the needed support very soon. 

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