USDA NIFA Invests $40M to Improve Dietary Health and Reduce Food Insecurity

The USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture announced the availability of nearly $40 million to support the GusNIP Produce Prescription Program.  The projects provide financial and non-financial incentives to income-eligible individuals and families to procure fresh fruits and vegetables intended to improve dietary health through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, reduce individual and household food insecurity, and reduce associated health care costs.


 “Produce Prescriptions projects are already making an invaluable impact throughout the nation, providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables to people who may not otherwise be able to afford them,” said Acting NIFA Director Dr. Dionne Toombs. “This funding will allow NIFA to support even more Produce Prescription projects that will both improve dietary health and reduce food insecurity for those in need.”



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