USDA Framework May Have an Opportunity for YOU!
Shoring Up the Food Supply Chain and Transforming the Food System to Be Fairer, More Competitive, More Resilient




Last week the USDA announced the “Food System Transformation Framework,” a department wide program aimed at the food supply chain, including the fresh produce and products sector. The framework is comprehensive and deserves to have the overarching details spelled out for you. The devil is seemingly almost always in the details, and the NWA will communicate any additional information as it may arise. Until that time, here is the layout of the framework:


    •    $200 million for Food Safety Certification for Specialty Crops Program for specialty crop operations that incur eligible on-farm food safety program expenses to offset compliance costs of regulatory requirements and market-driven food safety certification requirements.

•    Up to $600 million in financial assistance to support food supply chain infrastructure aimed at independently owned and available infrastructure such as cold storage, refrigerated trucks, and processing facilities are in short supply but essential to creating a more resilient food system. 

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