2020 Sponsorships are OPEN!

How involved is your company with the National Watermelon Association?  Are you getting enough recognition?  Would you like to set your business above others?  We can help you while you help us.  Here’s how:
The NWA’s sponsorship program is uncommon from most other produce industry groups.  Typically, a sponsorship is recognized for only one moment in time, whether it be for a specific event or timeframe.  We don’t do that here.  The NWA recognizes a sponsorship for the entire year in multiple venues and communications.  We consider a sponsorship to be a gift that lasts the entire year. 
Here is another key point to sponsorships of the NWA.  They help us to maintain and offer the lowest registration fees in the entire produce industry, while providing six (6) full meals, hospitality, education, high-profile speakers, fun entertainment, and a family atmosphere that no one can duplicate.  Sponsors are the primary reason why we can do what we do at convention for all of our attendees, and for a nominal price.    
If you are not a sponsor, we ask you to please consider becoming a supporter.  Every sponsor is appreciated and valued, no matter what level you choose and best suits your company.  Thank you for your consideration.  We hope that you will help.
Sponsorship Application