A Message About the 2022 NWA Convention in New York City

On behalf of the Team at the NWA, we want to provide you all with an update as we continue to prepare for the NWA’s National Convention & Annual Meeting in New York City from February 20-27, 2022.  We are very excited to enter into a renewal period that will bring us back together in-person and in a safe environment.  Our top priority at the convention will be the health and safety of our attendees and staff.
Let’s look at what’s happening today.  No matter where you may live in the USA, all you have to do is to turn on a radio or television and you hear the debate over masks, restrictions (or the lack of), vaccines, boosters to the vaccines, and the escalating virus rates from the Delta variant.  Unless you turn off your electronics altogether, there seemingly is no way to get passed the noise.  The problem is that banter is causing anxiety and questions from many about whether the convention will go to New York in February, with some of those questions resulting from the recent mandates set forth by the City that require masks and at least one vaccine shot to gain access to restaurants, Broadway shows and other indoor venues.
Let’s take a deep breath for a second, and look at the facts for a moment.  Last year we heard about NYC every single day as it unfortunately was the epicenter of the coronavirus.  Today, that designation belongs where the NWA is based in Central Florida where similar mandates are ‘not’ in place.  New York City made the tough decision to mandate practices that will hopefully keep the City from going back to where they were one year ago.  They were in a very bad place, and their plan of action is to keep from going back there again.
No matter what requirements may still exist seven months from now, the NWA will continue to work with the Marriott Marquis to align our group with Marriott’s protocols that follow CDC guidelines and City mandates, while the NWA will offer our attendees the use of NWA-provided masks, hand sanitizers, and follow any social distancing measures that may exist at that time.  Again, our top priority is to protect health and safety first!  That effort will allow us the opportunity to create our next family reunion. ‘You can rest assured that the NWA will work with our partners, the hotel and the City to create and offer a national convention that you have come to expect that is safe, secure, educational, and entertaining.  That has become our trademark, and we are committed to continue that vital role to kickoff the 2022 domestic season.’

The NWA is in constant contact with Marriott’s leadership and NYC Officials, and we are assured that our national convention will happen.  The rest, including its success, is up to us.  Stay tuned for periodic updates, and SAVE THE DATES.  We are going to host the 107th edition of the National Watermelon Association Convention & Annual Meeting at the Marriott Marquis – Times Square in February 2022.  Our time to renew, celebrate and reunite is coming shortly, and we are expecting you to be with us all.  We look forward to greeting you as our Watermelon Family has always done for over 100 years.  New York City Here We Come!