Give Us Your Input – Immigration Bill

As the Farm Workforce Modernization Act makes it way from the House to the Senate, the path forward is yet unknown.  We know that the House bill has a number of areas that need improvement. 

How or if that possibility will come available is yet to be determined.  Being prepared is our key for the possibility to make some changes to the House version.  That is where you come in. A recap of the House bill will give you a bird’s eye view of the highlights of the legislation.  The Myths vs. Facts sheet will offer some insights that may be of interest to you.

After you review the documents, please share your thoughts about the bill with the NWA at [email protected], and as soon as possible, please.  What do you NOT like about the bill?  What do you want changed, and to what?  What is missing in the bill that will help? 

FYI - - as with any legislation, there are NO PROMISES that we can make.  We will do our best to make changes that will improve the House bill, but that is all we can offer you – we will try our best!  With your input, that will help us greatly.  

This is your opportunity to chime in, to add your voice to the issue, and help us to speak with a loud, informed voice when the opportunity opens up to negotiate changes with the Senate.  The Senate, once they decide to move forward, won’t wait for anyone, so please …. Send us your thoughts, your needs, your requests, ASAP! Thank you very much.

House Bill     

Myths vs. Facts