Your Seat at the Table Awaits!

We all know of the challenges, disruptions, confusion and heartbreak that too many of us endured through this passing year.  We pray for healing for the families who lost dear loved ones due to the coronavirus, and those that have been infected and suffered along the way.  We are thankful for the first responders and so many others that labored to take care of the sick.  May they all find healing in their sorrow and times of trouble.  It was a year that many of us would like to forget, but will most likely be remembered for generations to come.


With an uncertain future, 2021 will not provide any rest for us.  A new Administration will have to address all that was deemed ‘temporary’ in 2020 …… migrant labor access, H-2A interviews, embassy approvals, travel restrictions, housing issues, COVID-19 protocols, PPE usage, trucking hours-of-service, environmental impacts, tax implications, food safety audits, employment laws, feeding programs.  Additionally Washington will deal with the re-introduction of many rules & regulations, address the on-going COVID-19 crisis, pursue vaccines and the distribution of them, the economy, numerous other federal impacts, and even a hot-potato issue like immigration reform may have a better-than-average chance of consideration.       


That brings us to the front lines of all of this anticipated change.  In 2021, with the necessary & unfortunate cancellation of the national convention, the NWA’s annual sponsorships will become a major lifeline that will help us to pursue our mission and the challenges ahead.  The bottom line really comes down to one statement ……..

We can use your help to prepare for the challenges ahead.  We need each other!  Please decide today to become a sponsor of the NWA.  You will help us (and allow us) to make a positive difference in your business!  Together we can do great things.  Thank you very much for your consideration!