Learnings from a Year of Challenges and Blessings

The year 2020 will not become a distant memory for generations to come, as it challenged us all in different ways and changed everything that we know and enjoy without exception.  COVID-19 was and is one for the record and history books (that is, if they still exist).  However, even with the disruptions, challenges, tests, quarantines, restrictions and all else, we were blessed and got through it.  Thanks be to God!


How the NWA addressed the situation was quite necessary, and although stressful, it was rather simple .….. remain calm, be a voice of reason, and communicate – communicate – communicate.  With no guidebook or map to follow, we took the lead and sought after information and guidance that would help you to get the job done.  It was  the biggest challenge that we have ever experienced before.  Communications were ramped up and became a reliable cornerstone of the NWA.  Our daily outlook was to do our best, work hard, and hope that it was enough.
The NWA took the responsibility to shepherd the association through an extraordinary period filled with challenges, threats, untimely changes and opportunity.  We represented you (our members) to the best of our abilities, and tried to give back more than we have been given.  I like the expression that John Maxwell shared a few months ago:

We will for sure remember all that was the year 2020, and move forward into the unknown of 2021.  With your continued support, we will continue to do what we do for you every day.  The quote from an unknown author says it all ……. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for.”  I have a deep faith in the NWA and its stakeholders, and we will come back strong. 

Thank you for all that you do for your association, the National Watermelon Association.  And remember, we are called to serve, and we are honored to do so.  Stay safe, and may the Good Lord Bless You and Your Family!