“Will there be watermelons for summer?”

This question was posed just last month while amid our country’s shut down.  This young girl had been watching the news and hearing about farmers plowing over their crops.  She lives up north and her concern was simple – she just wanted to make sure she would be able to enjoy watermelon this summer, as she has for the past 10+ years of her life.  To her summer and watermelon go hand in hand.  It would not be summer to her, without having watermelons to enjoy. 
Just like her, our association does not exist without you, our members.  We strive every week to serve and partner with you, our members, from the farm to the table.  We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the business and lives of our Watermelon Family.  We work on your behalf by being your voice on issues of trade, labor, invasive pest and disease, pesticide and nutrient use, federal legislation, scientific research, farm & packer-based food safety, trucking, etc.    We support the industry’s research needs through scientific grants to numerous universities and other organizations each year with a keen focus on the highest research priorities.  We are a supportive force on promotional activities through the National Watermelon Queen program.  This year’s queen – Paige Huntington from Texas has been able to be out in some of the fields and packing houses, and well as some greenhouses.  She is a trained spokesperson for the association and the watermelon industry!  As we continue to be a voice for you in Washington, and bring you the most up to date information that we can, if you have experienced any issues with your emails, struggling with your access to anything on our website, etc., please reach out to our office at (863) 619-7575.  We want to make sure you – our members – are getting the information you want and need as quickly as possible.  Not yet a member?  You are missing out on so much!  Go to the Membership tab at the top of our website, click on Membership Application and join today!