Adapting to change

Change can be good.  Our environment is changing constantly.  Whether it is the environment at work, at home, or in society in general.  When good changes happen – we tend to accept it with grace and love.  On the other hand, when bad changes happen – we can tend to get frustrated easily, be short tempered, or even depressed.  Change is constant.  Little changes do not seem to affect us that much, but big changes can catch us off guard, especially if we are not prepared for them. 

We have all had to adapt to many types of changes over the last couple of months.  Some have been easy, while others have caught us all off guard.  Here at the NWA office, we are striving to adapt to changes as well.  Our goal is to make things easier and more accessible for you, our members.  If you are having issues and/ or have concerns regarding anything with your membership, our website, the emails you receive, etc. please reach out to our office.  You can reach us at (863)619-7575.  Not yet a member?  Make today the day that you join our family!  Go to the membership tab at the top of our website, click on the membership application and join today!

Together we will shape the watermelon industry for future generations!