Attentive to your needs

 In this ever-changing world, we are striving here at the office to be attentive to your needs – our members.  As we are settling back into the office and our routines, it has been brought to our attention that we are having issues with our directory search engine on our website.  We are sorry for any inconveniences this might be causing you.  We are working with our software company to get things fixed.  We should have everything fixed before the week is up.  If you are having any issues and/ or have concerns regarding anything with your membership, our website, emails you receive, etc. please reach out to the NWA office.  You can reach us at (863) 619-7575.  We want to make sure you – our members – can access everything you want/ need from our website.  Not yet a member?  You are missing out on so much!  Log onto to join today!

  “Three words come to mind when I think about the importance of the National Watermelon Association to our company and the many companies that are part of this “Great Watermelon Family”.

N – Necessary NWA promotes, educates, protects, and expands awareness of the watermelon industry.
W – Wellness  NWA commitment to drive the message of our great product that has many health benefits for the consumer.
A – Attentive   NWA attentiveness to the ever-changing environment allows it’s members to stay informed so we can make the best decisions for our industry.”

-           David Mayhue – Schmieding Produce – Springdale, Arkansas