Together we can accomplish more

As we all continue to navigate through these interesting times, we continue to work diligently for you, our members.  We are striving to bring you the most up to date information that we can.  Some of the items our team is working on - continuing to be your advocate in Washington with worker visas & border crossings in the H-2A program, the stimulus bill and farm support due to COVID-19, the Small Business Administration, promoting watermelons through our social media platforms, and through our National Watermelon Queen’s How-To Video series on social media. 

“The NWA is the Strength, Heart, and Soul of the Watermelon Industry.  Through the voluntary effort of networking together, growers, shippers, and associates continue to keep Watermelon at the forefront of the produce industry insuring an on-going infrastructure from Farm to Consumer.”

Greg Leger – Leger & Son

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Together we will shape the watermelon industry for future generations!