Gordon Etheridge 

Lifetime Council Member, Gordon Etheridge, has been a member of the National Watermelon Association for over 40 years. He served on many committees in that time as well as President. He also served as the President of the North Carolina Watermelon Association as its onset.

Owner of Etheridge Produce, LLC, Gordon began in 1958 as a watermelon broker. He then worked his way up the east coast and is now "at home" in Raleigh, North Carolina. Gordon is still in the business today and is a faithful member of the association. Known for being honest, hard working and "hands-on" has given Gordon a reputation that precedes him. 

Michael Bunch has known him most of this life and describes Gordon as "the Grandfather of the watermelon business." Michael goes on to say, "Gordon is a good friend of ours, he's always honest."