Fuller Groover


Mr. Fuller Groover, of the Fuller Groover Company of Quitman Georgia, was one of the original members of the executive committee.  At the time the National Melon Distributors Association was formed he had been in the watermelon industry for about 27 years. He is said to be one of the pioneer melon growers of the country.  

“Fuller Groover has been known so long in the melon business as to need no introduction to the trade. When Mr. Groover sells you a car of melons and says “It is all right,” it is all right, and as represented.” – Chicago Packer, June 10, 1911.

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                  1908 - June 20 Article                                                            1908 - Advertisement

                 1908 - Georgia Watermelons                                                  1910 - Advertisement 

                 1910 -  Now Booking Orders                                                   1911 - Advertisement 

                 1911 - Melon Acreage Increased 

                 1912 - Watermelons                                                                                                                           

                 1912 - Shipping Cars     

                 1913 - The Georgia Melon Crop

                 1914 - Pioneer Melons 

                 1915 - Crop is Late

                 1916 - Watermelon Preparedness 

                 1917 - Georgia Melon Crop is Short This Year

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