David Brown 

David Brown of Albany, Georgia was the first president of the National Melon Distributors Association. He was elected as president again in 1916. After he was on the executive council until at least 1939 as far as records show.

His business, Shackelford and Brown, was know to be very prominent in the distribution of Florida, Georgia and Alabama watermelons. David Brown was a prominent member of the association and had a very reputable name in the industry. 

News Clippings & Photos

                 News Clippings                                                                     Advertisements 

  1911- Fruit Jobbler Article                                                  1913 - Advertisement 

                  1912 - Announcement                                                        Watermelon Announcement 

                   1913 - Georgia Melon Crop                                               Watermelon    

                  1918 - Peanut Promoter