C.M. Buddy Leger

Charles M. "Buddy" Leger of Leger & Son, Inc. is a renowned member of the National Watermelon Association. Buddy's career began in the early 1950's when he worked for the Federal State Inspection Service grading fruits and vegetables. In 1964, he set foot in the watermelon business for himself. In the late 1970's, Buddy recognized the need for watermelon producers and shippers to come together to support watermelon promotion and research.

It was this forward thinking that made Buddy the perfect person to lead the newly formed National Watermelon Promotion Board. His 60 plus years in the produce industry has given Buddy the background he draws from in his current capacity as a consultant for Leger & Son, Inc. He has held leadership positions in Georgia's Watermelon Association.

Today, Mr. Leger serves on the National Watermelon Association's Lifetime Council.