C.C. Winkler

C.C. Winkler, at the 7th annual meeting of the National Watermelon Association in 1921, was recognized among the Executive Committee members in attendance of the Melon Distributors Association in Vincennes, Indiana.

In April of 1926, at the 12th annual meeting, C.C. Winkler was chairman of the Executive Committee and was elected President of the Association.
At the opening of one of the earliest Knox County Watermelon Festivals, C.C. Winkler - aka "Mr. Watermelon" gave away slices of watermelon with the mayor.

He also acted as the Grand Marshall of the watermelon festival parade. (The Knox County Watermelon Festival was inaugurated in 1957, ceased for a short time in 1961 and began again in 1963. It continues to this day an an annual tradition.) 

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1926 - New President 

                   1927 - C.C. Winkler's Address   

                  1927 - C.C. Winkler Again Heads Melon Assn

                  1931 - C.C. Winkler Talks on Problems that Confront Industry