Blake Mouzin

Mouzin Brothers Farms
Vincennes, Indiana
Class VI

Blake started working on the family farm when he was 8 years old, as a summer seasonal worker.  His wide range of farm skills include pulling weeds in the fields, drip irrigation management, cultivating and produce harvesting and packing to logistics management.  After graduating from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with his BS of Agriculture and
Minor in Business Marketing, he has been full time on the farm. His current jobs include Food Safety Management,
produce scouting, Organic Certification Management, Produce marketing/promotion and sales. Being back on the farm,
he has come to realize having a successful watermelon operation goes way beyond the ability to produce the fruit.

"Being a successful farmer requires branching out into opportunities that industry organizations have to gain knowledge on the industry as a whole, network and build relationships with peer and industry leaders, and gain leadership qualities. Taking a part in the Future Watermelon Farm Leaders Program would allow me the opportunity to utilize and grow my leadership skills."