B.J. Christman

B.J. Christman was the general manager of the Georgia Fruit Exchange from 1914 until his departure in 2021 when he became the vice-president and general manager of the Standard Growers’ Exchange in Orlando Florida. 

The Georgia Fruit Exchange was a produce distributing company based out of Atlanta, Georgia that handled numerous fruit and vegetable crops.  Mr. Christman held previous positions with the Atchison Topeka and Sante Fe Railroad, Armour and Company, and the Fruit Growers’ Express.  

News Clippings & Photos

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                 1908 - Georgia Fruit Exchange                                                            Advertisement 

                 1916 - Georgia Fruit Exchange Widens Its Activities

                 J.G. Carlisle to Manage Georgia Fruit Exchange

                 1923 - Georgia Fruit Exchange Managers Met at Macon